Friday, July 6, 2012


I am terrible at taking pictures, and even worse at blogging - but here are a few of the things we've been up to lately.  I wish I could stop time.  This summer has been so fun!  Ellie & Jack are so fun, and Luke is such a joy. 

The zoo

Mother's Day 
 Jack's preschool program - We love Miss Chris!
 Disneyland - again :)
 Luke - aka Pukey Lukey
 Cousins at Disneyland
 Jack wanted some Mickey Mouse ears and wore them non-stop.  It was so cute!  Sometimes I forget that he's just a little squirt, so I thought it was adorable that he loved them so much.  He even wore them to school when we got home - funny kid :).
 San Diego Zoo
 Cousins at San Diego Zoo
 Jack with his t-ball trophy
 Jack & Ellie playing dress up in Mom & Dad's clothes
 Luke with Grandma Bonnie Evensen
 Ellie's dance performance
 Luke loves to jump!!
 Outings with cousins - so fun!!

I'm bummed I don't have any pictures of Ellie playing tennis - her new obsession, or of swimming (only because that's what we do more than anything else)! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Luke Hall Evensen

The best surprise of our lives...a baby boy!! 
Luke Hall Evensen
November 19, 2011
8 lbs. 11 oz. (ouch!)

Our baby Lukers is the most beloved baby...Ellie and Jack still cannot get enough of him.  And neither can I!! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Disneyland in December

A couple of weeks ago, our little family went to Disneyland.  It was so delightful!  My kids are at the PERFECT ages...they loved everything!  And we discovered that Ellie is quite the little rollercoaster junkie - the scarier, the Mother, like Daughter - I was in heaven :). 

The only bummer is that I realized how much my kids are growing up.  We didn't spend nearly as much time in Fantasyland (the really kiddie rides) as we have in the past.  Most people would be thrilled with this, but it makes me sad how quickly time flies and how quickly my kids are growing up!  I wish I could freeze time. 

We had a fantastic time. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

My funny Jack

Funny Jack... This is his typical face when we tell him NOT to do something.  He closes his eyes, and lifts his eyebrows.  Punk.

Last night at dinner, we were talking to Ellie and Jack about my family's Christmas Nativity pageant that we do every year.  Ellie is going to be Mary, and we were talking to Jack about what he wanted to be.  We mentioned a sheep - which he thought was hilarious.  Then we said he could be a shephard.  We then mentioned that he could be a wise man, to which he got super excited and said, "Yes!  I want to be SpiderMan.  Mom, I need to get a Spiderman costume!"  We tried to correct him and say, "A wise man, not SpiderMan."  But it did no good.  He's sure he's going to be Spiderman for the pageant. 

And, of course we have taught our kids about what Santa brings in your stocking if you're not good.  Coal.  And everytime Ellie does something Jack doesn't like he says, "Ellie, you're going to get cold presents in your stocking!"  Awesome.  He's probably said that to Ellie 20 times this month.  And he says it totally ticked off.

Jack has this darling "pirate potty" book that talks all about this cute pirate and his potty.  And it comes with stickers as a reward for going to the bathroom on the potty.  Jack is completely potty trained, but we rediscovered the book the other day and realized that it came with a whole bunch of stickers.  He thinks the story is funny, so we've been reading it lately before his nap.  Well yesterday, Jack needed to go potty, so he and John ran into the restroom and John pulled down his pants to set him on the potty (he's still really short!).  Much to John's surprise, there was a pirate sticker stuck to the tip of his unit!  John laughed and said, "Buddy, what is that?"  To which Jack answered matter-of-factly, "My pirate."  He thought it was awesome. 

Jackson is one of a kind.  Little squirt.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ellie Ginger

My sweet Ellie turned 5 last week.  For the past month I've been going through all of her pictures from the time she was born until now for a book I'm creating and it's been such a joy to remember all of the fun details of her life.  I am so blessed...she is such a wonderful, sweet, fun, smart little sweet-pea.  I can't believe how fast the time has flown.  The most profound change in who I am happened when Ellie was born.  She changed me.  She is such a joy.  And she's growing up so fast!  I love her more than life. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jack & Mommy time...

Jack and I went on a little Disneyland trip this week...It was SO fun...and funny!  Jack really is such a little sweetheart and is so fun to be with.  And he makes me laugh - He is such a little punk!

 Jack LOVES Buzz, and often he wants to be called Buzz. 

 We rode the Disneyland Train around the entire park at least twice a day.  Jack would have stayed on longer, but I made him get off.

It about broke my heart to leave Ellie home...she was devastated.  But, Daddy took good care of her while we were gone.  They had a daddy/daughter date to the Mayan, and had a picnic up the canyon.  I'll post pictures of their outings too.  Plus, being the nerd I am, I've already booked our flights for our next Disneyland trip so Ellie has something to look forward to :). 

And NO, just because I'm a Disneyland nerd, I DON'T buy the "ears", or the t-shirts, or anything else Disney...although it would probably make a great costume!  I sort of wish I would have thought about it while I was there...